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Wenzel is an American author who lives in Norway. He specializes

in religious fiction, reflective with noir settings and suspense.


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Caught in the Winds

Meet Morrie Schiller, a misfit at Bethlehem College. He struggles to fit into normal student life. He tries and fails to win the girl he loves and then gets caught in the cross-fire as the school's liberals and right-wing factions wage war.

Enter Jack Joplin, a mysterious stranger who befriends and mentors him down a dark path of pseudo-enlightenment. Things get out-of-hand as he is catapulted into adventures that go beyond his wildest dreams. Maturity comes only by passing through the refiner's fire.
With humor and suspense, this novel seeks to shine a critical light on the religious scene in America today.

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"Philosophy, theology, mysticism and the quirks of evangelical subculture filter throughout its pages."  (The Writers Edge)

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Including by Dr. Arthur Holmes
Wheaton College

Seeing is Believing

The day Luna entered the Nelson's Christian home, they knew their foster-child had “special gifts”. Whenever she passed through the orchard gate, the world of flowers and grass became a realm of meadow-fairies and elves. Was this a vision from heaven or something more "nefarious"? Could this be a modern day Narnia? The Nelsons believe, but town folks with only "natural eyes" tend to be skeptical . . .

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A Midspring Night Dream
This piece is between an epilogue and a sequel to my main novel Caught in the Winds and is directed toward those who have already read it. An often comment from readers is that Tracy, Emily. and even Jack were simple dropped and never heard from again. What happened to them? In a dream, Morrie time travels and gets some answers. . . .


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L. D. Wenzel is also an artist who paints acrylic scenes in Oslo. See the series, Hverdags-Oslo
Streets and places in Oslo, Norway
Where he is offering prints of his paintings.

Visit and enjoy his gallery