A Midspring Night Dream
AA sequel to the novel, Caught in the Winds
Detailed Description

One night, around the time Morrie was visiting Marguerite at the hospital, he has a dream. Sophia, goddess of Wisdom, whose statue stands upon the campus' fountain that Morrie finds so intriguing. She takes him on journeys into the "possible future" where Morrie meets Tracy and then to a place where he searches and finally encounters Emily. He even crosses paths with Jack! To say more would be an offensive spoiler.
Originally, this was a subplot of the original novel. But it became to large and over dramatic and threatened to overtake the main plot. Thus it was deleted and is now offered as an extra. We all know that when Morrie dreams, things can get out-of-hand and this dream sequence goes beyond anything he's dreamed before.

The story is so far not been published but can be ordered from the author free of charge as a pdf. Hopefully it will find its way to Smashwords soon. Contact me: wenzel.ld(at)gmail.com

Wenzel is an American author who lives in Norway. He specializes

in religious fiction, reflective with noir settings and suspense.